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Who is Priyadarshi?

I’m just an idealist who finds himself not being like everyone else not by choice but by my actions. From a very young age, I always found myself doing things differently than other kids. When other kids were playing with a ball, I was breaking the ball to see what was inside, and that happened with mostly all the toys. When kids were sleeping I was looking at the stars and thinking about how everything worked in life.


What are your dreams Priyadarshi?

My dreams and ideas make people open their eyes and think I’m crazy. I have too many dreams to count and all of them revolve around people and making the world a better place.


Do you consider yourself smart?

I don’t consider myself smart or bright but different in believing that we should live life, not just go with it. I think the major part of intelligence does not come from getting knowledge but applying it. Anybody can become bright in front of the eyes of somebody with less knowledge. I think is really hard to measure intelligence, since there are many factors that contribute to one being smarter than the next person.

I am also serving as a business advisor for several small and medium business enterprises all across the globe. I am skilled in web development, business strategy, digital marketing, analytics, and graphic design. Yes, you can call me a jack of all trade, it happened to me because I have worked/helped so many businesses from different niche markets in past. I am a fast learner, design thinking guy who is good at strategy, always open to opportunities.

Please feel free to contact me, I am always eager to help businesses and entrepreneurs.

Digital Marketing 90%
Design 80%
Analytics 70%
Creative 82%